You know you are a liberal like me when

You believe health care is a right

You are willing to pay a little more for your healthcare if everyone can get healthcare

You want some form of public option

You believe that we rushed to war in Iraq

You think that 4,500 plus dead American soldiers and 65,000 wounded is a grave sacrifice

You think that 100,000 dead Iraq citizens is awful

You believe that wounded soldiers should have the best health care money can buy at the VA and anywhere else they choose.

You believe a returning soldier should receive educational benefits

You believe a returning soldier should be given employment preferences

You believe that George Bush should have ended the war he started

You believe that Cheney is Darth Vader

You believe Carl Rove is a liar

You believe that Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party, no, maybe the ultra conservative arm of the party.

You think Glenn Beck is misguided at best delusional at worst.

You can’t get over the fact that Rush was caught with Oxycontin and VIAGRA. Who in their right mind would find him attractive?

You watch NBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, MSNBC never Fox News

You want Guantanamo closed

You believe torture does not work just as John Mc Cain said

You believe that Sara Palin cost John Mc Cain the election

You want Sara Palin to run for president

You think Republicans in Congress are obstructionists

You think that CEO s of failed companies should not get golden parachutes

You believe that Wall Street needs regulation

You believe that workers for successful companies should share in the profits, not just the CEOs

You believe that Unions do good most of the time

You believe in a living wage

You believe that the born are as important as the unborn

You believe that an expectant mother deserves the best healthcare even if she cannot afford it

You work in a helping profession.

You respect those who work hard but who may need food stamps

You reject stereotypes

You think community is as important and survival of the fittest

You want to make it hard for criminals to get firearms even if it inconveniences good folks trying to buy weapons.

You feel you can defend yourself without using a gun.

You don’t drink a lot of beer but drink too much scotch because it has less carbos.

You love Rachel Madow

You believe in live and let live

You love your gay daughter or son or friend.

You believe gays should be able to adopt

You believe that civil unions are a good thing

You believe marriage rules are up to the church you attend.

You encourage your child to be a teacher

You believe in a public education for all

You believe in the separation of church and state

You believe that separation helps religion

You believe in God but don’t think everyone has to

You believe that life in prison not the death penalty

You know as I do from working in a prison that the death penalty is NOT a deterrent

You believe in swift justice and appropriate punishment

You hate abortion but not the women who out of despair or illness have them

You believe that drug addiction is a disease.

You believe that condoms can help prevent AIDS

You believe in social justice, fairness and helping the poor, the downtrodden, the disabled and the weak.

You believe in evolution

You believe global warming exists

You back stem cell research

You believe that the middleclass is the backbone of this society

You are concerned about the working poor

You believe that the rich owe their success to the middleclass

You believe that Gates and Buffet are rich men with a conscience

You believe as Bill Gates’ father does that the inheritance tax for very wealthy people is good not bad.

You think a progressive tax system can work but you want loopholes closed

You believe that Obama is a citizen of the United States

You believe he is an honest man

You believe he is an intelligent man

You believe words can make a difference

You believe that calling the President a socialist is ridiculous.

You do not believe that the President is a racist

You like the Beach Boys music as I do but hate their politics


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3 06 2010

You might be interested in The Glenn Beck Review at http://sharethisurlaboutglenbek.workpress.com, the preeminent blog for Beckology.

3 06 2010
John Moreno

Hi I don’t know all about this wordpress thing. Forgive me. I never watch Glenn. I have seen way too many snippits that show to me at least that he is at best a bad comic or maybe a recovering DJ. I think he is trying to be like Bishop Fulton J Sheen blackboard and all except for the Robes and the intellect. ( you may be too young to remember that) He can’t be for real, Can he? I think at worst he is a traitor . He said the same about the critics of Presdients Bush his wars and policies. He calls the President a Facist a Socialist and a Communist which the President by definition can’t be all at once. Then again what the hell do I know. God save us all.

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